The telecommunications industry changes frequently. So do your needs. That’s why we partner directly with our customers to provide joint solutions to the marketplace.


For your customers, there’s no distinction between you and where we come in. Explore our full range of services to see how Trillion can support you.

Featured Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our approach to VMI service is based on value-added resale. We purchase equipment from industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s); warehouse and asset manage the product, and then ship, just in time, to telecommunications and multiple system operator (MSO) service providers.

By integrating the traditional supply chain model with a unified ordering and invoicing process, our innovative approach to VMI:

  • Increases customer satisfaction and delivery performance
  • Reduces or eliminates out-of-stock inventory events
  • Significantly reduces partner exposure to obsolete inventory
  • Provides customers convenient data on inventory levels through our web-based status tool

Warehousing and Logistics

Our warehouse and logistics services are a world class operation, leveraging facilities across the country to handle bulk fulfillment, distribution, and returns processing for our customers. Customers can also monitor their inventory levels in real-time using our online tools.

Our warehousing capabilities also include:

  • Order Management
  • Receipt
  • Pick/Pack/Shipment
  • Asset Management

Additional services

Contract assembly
Just-in-time inventory management
System configuration
Systems testing and integration
Project management
Vendor managed inventory
Supply chain technology

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We don’t just know some pieces of the supply chain and logistics process. Our holistic understanding of your ongoing needs, and our ability to meet them, makes us a top choice in the industry.


Our TL9000 certification is evidence of our commitment to provide world class service as defined by a recognized independent third party.