Trillion collects information about our users as below:

  • In order to provide more personalized services
  • In order to identify returning users
  • In order to help us monitor and improve our services
  • In order to allow returning users to navigate our site more easily
  • In order to sell advertising space on our site, which enables us to permit access to the site free of charge

Trillion collects information on its users through a registration process, as well as through use of the website and cookies. Trillion may also ask for further information, to be given voluntarily, so that we can better personalize and tailor what content is shared with you.



Trillion works to protect the privacy of its users. Trillion respects the privacy of its users, and only collects and utilizes user details when there are legitimate business reasons and legal entitlement to do so. You will only receive marketing emails from Trillion and carefully selected third party providers. At any time, you may choose to opt out of email communication with Trillion, or update your email settings.



Trillion uses a reputable third party provider for e-mail communication with you if you have subscribed to Trillion e-mail newsletters, or have selected to receive information about Trillion services and products. This third party utilizes identifiers in order to detect e-mail opens and engagement, in order to further tailor communications with users.



Trillion is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of any websites that may be linked to from the Trillion site.



Content on Trillion website is not influenced by advertisers or affiliates. Our content is not created to promote any products, except when an article is labelled as a ‘sponsored feature’ or ‘sponsor’s content’.

Note: Trillion is currently in the process of reviewing its activities to ensure that it is fully compliant with the GDPR. Further updates will be made in due course.